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File your magnetic W2 file via the Internet - Here's how!


Business Services Online (BSO) is a facility provided by the Social Security Administration on their web site. Amongst other things, BSO allows you to file your W-2 report file directly to the SSA instead of sending it to them on diskette.

Why You Would Use BSO

Tax Year 2005 is the last year that employers will be able to file magnetic W2 Reports on diskette. The BSO facility is available now, so you should start using it now rather than later. There are no charges for using BSO other than your cost of maintaining internet service.

The filing deadline for W-2 reports using BSO is March 31st (for 2005) as opposed to February 28th (2005) when filing by diskette.

Before Uploading

  1. Scan the W-2 report file for viruses. The W-2 report file produced using the RWC software does not contain virus code. However the file should be scanned for viruses prior to upload to the SSA.
  2. You do not need to change the name of the W2 report file to W2REPORT. Any file name may be used.
  3. Compress the W-2 report file into a zip file using either PKZIP or WINZIP.
  4. You do not need to submit a 6559 form.

To access BSO

Using your web browser, navigate to: and select the "Business Services Online" link.

What you need

To file W2 reports even by diskette, you had to register with the SSA. When you did this, the SSA supplied you with a PIN and a password.

You will use this PIN and password to login to BSO.

Logging In

On the BSO Welcome page, select the Login link and follow the instructions


After logging in, follow the instructions to upload your W2 report file.



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