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RealWorld Practical Accounting System (PAS2000) is designed to handle general accounting functions for a broad variety of small to medium sized businesses.

If you're spending too much time on tedious accounting tasks, you need PAS2000. Changing from a manual to an automated accounting system can increase efficiency in your business and save time and money. By using RealWorld's computerized system in your daily operations, you can quickly and easily organize financial information to help make the right management decisions.

Features and Benefits

RealWorld PAS2000 combines seven modules into one easy-to-use, integrated package:

Accounts Payables
Accounts Receivables
Check Reconciliation
General Ledger
Inventory Management
Sales Invoicing

Additional Information:
System-wide Features
Hardware Requirements

Features List in pdf format

Accounts Payable

  • Vendor information can be entered, edited and printed. The vendor list also highlights inactive accounts for easy maintenance.
  • Recurring and regular bills payable and disbursement trans- actions are easily entered, edited, and selected for payment. An edit list and register also are available.
  • Bills owed are recorded, as well as debit or credit memos. This helps keep your payables in order.
  • You can quickly determine how much money you owe, to whom and when it's due by printing the Aged Accounts Payable Report.
  • Print Accounts Payable checks from any of three checking accounts.

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Accounts Receivable

  • Customer files can be entered, edited and printed to ensure that customer records are always current. Customer accounts can be viewed or printed.
  • Regular and recurring sales, credit and debit memos, finance charges and payments can be easily entered and edited.
  • Customer statements can be printed by week, month or other user-defined time periods, to aid in collections. You can also print customer labels.
  • You can quickly determine who owes money, how much and when it's due by printing the Aged Accounts Receivable Report.

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Check Reconciliation

  • Up to three checking accounts can be reconciled to bank statements.
  • Deposits, withdrawals and bank transactions are tracked.
  • Checking account adjustments may be entered and edited; Prints edit list and account registers too.
  • A Checkbook report showing items, transaction date, reference and balance can be printed.

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General Ledger

  • Ready-to-use chart of accounts and financial statements are provided, or you can build your own to meet your specific needs. Enter up to 999 custom GL Financial Statements.
  • G/L Budgets & Comparatives may be entered to better manage revenues and expenses.
  • Up to 13 accounting periods can be used and complete audit trails are maintained.
  • Financial data is automatically transferred from other modules into General Ledger. Data is easily tracked and duplicate data entry is eliminated.
  • Regular and recurring general journal transactions are easily entered, edited and posted.
  • Loan payments can be calculated and an amortization schedule printed.
  • A detailed Trial Balance report may be printed for a range of account numbers and dates, showing the balance of each selected account.

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Inventory Management

  • Inventory items are automatically updated as sales are recorded and all orders placed.
  • Various item types are supported, such as inventory, services, text or non-inventory.
  • Provides valuable assistance in making purchasing decisions by providing key data on stocking unit; quantity on hand, committed or on order; list price, price per selling unit, vendor; and more.
  • Contract item prices may be assigned to specific customers for a specific period of time.
  • Prices for special promotions are automatically adjusted by item, number, department and vendor.
  • A Historical Analysis report tells you which goods and/or services are selling and which are not.
  • You can print reorder reports based on user-defined minimum and maximum inventory levels and on-hand/on-order quantities.
  • Additional reports assist in making management decisions, such as Physical Inventory and Valuation reports.

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  • Enter, edit, print and easily maintain employee information, including name, address, social security number, hire date, review date, pay frequency, vacation and sick hours due/paid and more.
  • Payroll transactions can be entered and edited easily and an edit list and register can be printed.
  • Gross pay, taxes, deductions, earnings, and net pay are automatically calculated.
  • Prints payroll checks, Quarterly and Year-end reports.
  • W-2 and 1099-Misc. forms can be generated for tax purposes.

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Sales Invoicing

  • Sales of goods and/or services can be easily entered and edited.
  • Invoices for goods and services can be printed on plain paper or custom forms. Choose from two invoice layout templates.
  • Line item notes may be entered and printed on invoices for accurate descriptions of goods and services being billed.
  • Inventory stocks and pricing can be checked at the computer.
  • Picking Tickets may be printed for pulling stock or for packing slip purposes.
  • Handles miscellaneous customers, sales prices, charges, freight, taxes, etc.
  • Sales Analysis reporting by date, item, and customer ranges in either detail or summary formats. Provides essential sales information to better manage your business.
  • Sales Invoice History saves all invoice information once posted, to a history file for easy reference. Allows for reprinting of historical invoices.
  • Recurring Invoices function allows entry of a constant invoice one time, and then may be selected for use over & over again, eliminating the need to re-enter monthly invoices.

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System-wide Features

  • On-screen help is available for quick access to information.
  • Security passwords may be assigned to control access to specific functions.
  • Browse feature allows you to use special keys to scan through data to locate a specific item.
  • The network version allows up to four user terminals simultaneous access to functions for a true, multi-user system.
  • Multiple companies can be defined to allow separate database maintenance for individual companies. This feature is especially useful for saving end-of-year data, doing training or supporting multiple client databases.
  • Allows for either laser form or continuous-feed form use for your pre-printed checks, statements and invoices.
  • File utilities function is accessible for data maintenance including rebuilding, exporting and importing data files.

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Hardware Requirements

  • PAS2000 requires 640KB of memory, and operates on DOS 3.3 or above, Windows 95/98, Windows 2000/NT. Available for single-user or 4-user network.

PAS2000 Software Can Grow With Your Business

As your business grows, RealWorld/GreatPlains software can continue to meet your needs.
PAS2000 can be upgraded to Great Plains® Business Solutions and RealWorld Classic Accounting and Business Software products.

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Contact us today for more information on how PAS2000 can help you save time and money and increase efficiency.

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