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*Payroll For CounterPoint, from Custom Software Experts, Inc., is designed to meet complete payroll and tax reporting demands for a full range of business needs. Payroll For CounterPoint may be run stand-alone or will interface seamlessly with Synchronics' CounterPoint Basic Accounting (BA) option, including General Ledger and Check Reconciliation.

Payroll For CounterPoint is available for CounterPoint V7.5.5 or higher, for a single or multi-user system, on Windows and Unix/Linux platforms.

Summary of Features

  • Automated Windows Installation - New!
  • Timecard Interface - New!
  • 941 Quarterly Report - New!
  • Void payroll checks after they are posted - New!
  • Prints checks with blank or preprinted stubs - New!
  • Interface to BA or run stand-alone
  • Automated migration from Classic
  • Enter/Edit/Post functionality
  • Maintain Employee information
  • Multiple pay rates per employee
  • Process time transaction information
  • Automated payroll calculation
  • Print checks or enter manual checks
  • Comprehensive vacation and sick time accrual
  • Deduction and Earnings codes tracked
  • Maintain tax code tables
  • Expanded EIC tax tables
  • Quarterly, Yearly and Historical reports
  • Employee and Employer Payroll reports
  • Print W-2 and 1099 tax forms
  • Magnetic W2 reporting now available - New!
  • Direct deposit with magnetic NACHA file generation
  • Tracks 401(k) and 408(p) simple IRA's
  • Multiple company processing
  • Compatible check forms available... and much more

Detail of Features

Enter, edit, employee information including sick, vacation hours, special pay rates, 401k plan, EIC credit, exemptions, direct deposit, deduction and earning codes, notes, employee type and more.
Timecard Import Import employee hours clocked in/out from CounterPoint's Timecard function. Save time and reduce costly errors by eliminating tedious data entry of time worked transactions for employees.
Time Worked Enter work hours by pay frequency or work group. Pay frequencies include Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, Semi-monthly and Quarterly checks. Enter a standard payroll or individual time entries. This function will prepare time worked for later payroll calculations.
Calculate Payroll Automated calculation of payroll time worked entries with printed edit lists showing check details. Calculates employees' earnings, deductions, and tax withholdings in preparation for printing payroll checks.
Print Payroll Checks Select to print payroll checks for either laser or continuous feed check forms. Laser checks print 2 check stubs for better record keeping. Select to void some or all checks printed prior to posting.
Payroll Adjustments Enter manual adjustment entries for handwritten checks, corrections to previously printed payroll checks, adjustments to quarter-to-date and year-to-date figures and adjustments to distributions. Displays default values where applicable to accept or change including a crosscheck default value of the "Net pay" field.
Payroll Direct Deposit Feature Deposit selected employee wages directly to their bank account. Includes generation of magnetic NACHA file to remit to the financial institution.
401(k) Plan Track and report 401(k) employee elective deferrals, including catch-up amounts. Includes Employer matching contribution functionality. Track amounts throughout the year, prints on check stub and at year-end.
Payroll Reports Features the following payroll reports: Payroll history, Quarterly payroll report, QTD/YTD reports, Union deductions report, 401k contributions report, Worker's Compensation report, Employee information reports, Employer payroll expense report, Distributions to GL report, Deductions Earnings report, Tax tables report, Year End payroll report, and more.
Year End Reporting Enter additional W2 reporting information for each employee, Print W2 information list, Prints W-2 and 1099s on pre-printed forms. File W2s electronically.
Print Reports to and from Disk Option to print selected reports to the hard drive for later access, printing or viewing. Stack selected reports to print in one continuous print run. Print a list of disk reports.

Data Migration

A built in data migration utility brings existing payroll data from RealWorld Classic versions to Payroll For CounterPoint. Export and import data from a standard fixed length ASCII file. Sample data will also be available for first time users.

Download Demonstration Version

Now you can download a demo copy of Payroll For CounterPoint. Specific functions such as Maintain Employee Data and Year-End Processing will be disabled in the demo version of Payroll For CounterPoint. The demo version will assist you in learning more about the Payroll For CounterPoint option and evaluate its capabilities for your existing and prospective users.

After downloading, you can install the demo version of Payroll For CounterPoint into an existing CounterPoint version 7.5.6 system for evaluation purposes.

DO NOT USE THE DEMO VERSION ON A LIVE SYSTEM. If you do, you may damage your data.

Download:   DEMO V7.5.8 Payroll For CounterPoint   (Windows)  3.03 MB

Payroll For CounterPoint
DEMO Windows Version 7.5.8
Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the demo to your computer.
  2. Then click on the file CPPRDEMO.exe, to
    start up the automated installation process.
  3. Follow the screen instructions.
  4. Once done, start up CounterPoint for the
    DEMO2 Company with User-ID of Z.


Compatible Checks
Order compatible business checks and forms from Trainor Business Forms. Contact them at 800-356-7925 or visit their website:

Questions & Comments
We value your feedback on the Payroll For CounterPoint option. Please submit all such communications to Thank you.

Place An Order
To place an order for Payroll For CounterPoint, please contact your authorized Synchronics reseller. Or contact Custom Software Experts for a referral to an authorized reseller in your area.

Contact Us today for more information about the new Payroll For CounterPoint software option, available from Custom Software Experts. You can still count on CSE for all your basic accounting software needs.

* Payroll For CounterPoint is a product of Custom Software Experts, Inc. All rights reserved.

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